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Celebrating Bridget – Madison event

Posted in CCBC, Events at 9:57 am by Bridget Zinn

Hello Everyone,

This is Barrett, Bridget’s husband. Over the weekend we had a celebration of Bridget in Portland. It was a wonderful day and was an event Bridget would have loved. Friends and family flew in or even drove fifteen hours to celebrate Bridget. It was so nice to see everyone. Thank you to all who came.

Here are the details for the celebration of Bridget happening in Madison, WI.

When: Sunday, June 26 · 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Where: Mendota County Park (park shelter #1)
5130 County Road M
Middleton, Wisconsin (Map it!)

If you are able please RSVP via the event facebook page. This will help us with numbers and make sure everyone gets enough to eat.

Below are more details about the event from the facebook event page.

Please join us to celebrate Bridget Zinn’s life with her friends and family including her husband, Barrett, and her father, Dick. Light food and beverages will be served. Families are welcome at this beautiful setting on Lake Mendota. We have reserved park shelter #1. Please bring camp chairs for additional seating if you have them. Feel free to drop in and stay for as long as you can.

We plan to compile a scrapbook of photos, memories, and reflections from all of those who loved and were inspired by Bridget. Please bring your contribution to the scrapbook on 8.5×11 paper. If you’re not able to attend on the 26th, you can still contribute – just send it by email to

If you would like to contribute photos to be used in a slideshow, please send them to or post them to the facebook page, “In Memory of Bridget Zinn” (

If you haven’t yet you can order your  In Memory of Bridget Zinn print by illustrator and author, Johanna Wright. Johanna is donating the proceeds to the Friends of the Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC).

I hope to see you there.

Love to you all,



Celebrating Bridget

Posted in CCBC, Events, Portland at 4:01 pm by Bridget Zinn

Bridget ZinnHello Friends and Family,

This is Barrett, Bridget’s husband & former covivant of sixteen years. Thank you all for sharing your kind thoughts and memories about Bridget. I wanted to share with you that we’re planning two events to celebrate Bridget. The first will be here in Portland, Oregon and the second will be in Madison, Wisconsin. Both of which Dick Zinn (Bridget’s dad) and I will be attending.

Celebration #1

Saturday, June 11, 2011
Place: Our home, 7817 N Wall Ave, Portland OR 97203
Time: 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. or later.
We’re planning on having coffee, juice, french pastries, fruit and chocolate cake/cupcakes. It will be drop in style from 10-2 or later. The event will be indoors and outdoors. So if it’s sunny bring a chair and if it’s rainy bring an umbrella or we’ll all just sit very close on the sofas. 😉

Celebration #2 Sunday, June 26th, 2011
Place: Madison, Wisconsin
Time and location: To be determined

We will update this event on this blog and on Bridget’s memorial page on Facebook.

Memorial Donations
Memorial donations can be made to the Friends of the Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC). Bridget was a member of the Friends Board and the newsletter editor, so she had a very close association with the group. Bridget was a huge supporter of children’s literature for all ages and loved books filled with warm pockets of happiness. This organization changed her life.

Checks can be made out and sent to: Friends of the CCBC, Inc., Box 5189, Madison, WI 53705.
Donations are tax deductible.

As Bridget would say, “Love to you all,”


Bridget Zinn


Summer of Love, Part II

Posted in Events at 6:58 pm by Bridget Zinn

Summer of Love, Part II in Lake Nebagamon was lovely. There was even a little breeze off the lake.

Thanks to Barrett’s mom and everyone who worked to make this day so nice! Unfortunately, most of the pics of the event ended up getting censored due to cleavage issues. Either my bosom got bigger in one week (curse you tasty Madison food!) or the straps of my dress got stretched. In any case, that just means a possible wardrobe change for the Summer of Love, Part III in Portland which we will set a date for very soon. It’s not too late to RSVP!

Fortunately we have lots of pre-event shots featuring some of the awesome Party People who put the event together (featuring my pre-party outfit which had slightly less distressing cleavage issues).

Thanks to everyone who came to Summer of Love, Part II!

Love to you all,

Bridget & Barrett


Summer of Love

Posted in Events, Uncategorized at 10:47 am by Bridget Zinn

You are invited to Barrett and Bridget’s Summer of Love!

Click here to go to the invite.

We are finally continuing what we began with our wedding celebrations last spring with a whole summer full of love. Come join us at one of our parties!

If anyone with organizational skills in the Madison area would like to take charge of the volunteers for that event that would be awesome. We’re still caught up in kicking cancer (there’s just a little bit left — I say Out damn spot! We’re ready to move on to more fun adventures). With this distraction, I worry that I might end up suggesting everyone bring cake or something and forget to ask people to bring forks and then we’ll end up having to eat cake with our hands. So an organizing type person would be super fab.

We haven’t filled out details yet for our Portland event because the two earlier big events (and many small ones while we are in WI) is all we can handle right at the moment but we will update that page as soon as we can. We realize some Portlanders were at one of the weddings last year and are maybe so over celebrating it with us, BUT we promise it will be extra fun and worth the repeat. It was a small group out of necessity last year and we want to be able to celebrate with all of our PNW friends.

Fun times will be had.

Hope to see you all at one event or another!

With love,


The Happiest Buddha

Posted in Events, Recipe at 9:20 am by Bridget Zinn

I know a lot of you have already seen the happiest Buddha on facebook, butHappiest Buddha I wanted to make sure that everyone got a chance to see him. I feel slightly guilty that he used to make the day of all of the shoppers in Port Townsend where he lived as a doorstop and now he just makes Barrett’s and my day living next to our fireplace. Doesn’t he make you smile?

The lovely Reiki practitioner that I work with (she’s awesome, check her out here) commented that it looks as though my happy Buddha is drawing energy down into his heart — I think she’s probably right and we can use all of the good energy in our house that we can get, but sometimes I just want to give him a high five.

In other news, I baked last week, something I’ve only been dreaming about doing for months. There’s something so enticing about baking — it makes your house smell great and there’s this feeling of transforming disparate pieces into an entirely new whole that’s like magic. I used a recipe for banana bread that I found online here. It uses agave nectar which I’ve been eager to try. I’m a big fan of most foods that are reputed to be gifts from the gods. It turns out that agave nectar is quite tasty and the banana bread got a thumbs up.

If my tech guy weren’t busy working at his other job, I would post pics of the cool things my talented and fabulous friends gave me for my birthday (as you can see from the Buddha above, my pic-taking is not quite up to Barrett’s standards). Carolyn and Adrienne both gave me homemade jam which are like jars full of edible sunshine and my friend Cyndi made this scarf that looks exactly like fudge ripple ice cream and there are more cool things, but without pics, I feel like I’m just taunting you and no one likes a taunter. I have no idea how I have been so lucky as to have fallen in with talented people who know how to make things (outside of banana bread which is about as much as I can do), but I am greatly enjoying the results.

And I have more news from my other talented and fabulous friends who have been helping to keep us out of debtor’s prison (which I have mentioned before is a grim and cakeless place) due to our surprise medical bills this year — an online auction run by Cailin and our friends in Madison. If you didn’t get a chance to be part of the fun of the last online auction, now’s your chance! Jone, who so generously ran the Portland online auction, sums it up all very nicely here. You can also see a picture of Barrett, myself, and cake.

I hope you are having a fabulous week!

Love to you all,


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