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Friday Six On Holiday

Posted in Friday Six at 3:57 pm by Bridget Zinn

My Friday Six seems to have gone on holiday. I’m not sure how this has come about. At least it wasn’t my whole blog like this writer’s.

My commitment to a non-materialistic Thoreau-ish lifestyle also seems to have gone on holiday as I’ve been getting ready for the super fab SCBWI national conference in LA. You really do need to be dressed every single day, I’m pretty sure.

Seems I’m not the only children’s lit person thinking about fashion. I just watched the Newbery/Caldecott On the Red Carpet and it was hilarious!

But when you get fortune cookie fortunes like this one, what are you going to do? Even ancient Chinese wisdom thinks I should be thinking about clothes.


Have a great week!



Sunday Siesta Special, June Twenty Something

Posted in Friday Six at 12:00 pm by Bridget Zinn

Due to weather conditions and overwhelming laziness, the Friday Six has been replaced this week in favor of the Sunday Siesta Special.

 It’s actually hot here. I sort of thought maybe it never really got hot in Portland and despaired that my little sun dresses and sandals wouldn’t get any use and I’d never get that lacksadasical summer leisure feeling or  an excuse to take naps in the middle of the day. But it’s 99 right now, which is hot enough for me to definitely feel like I couldn’t possibly do something useful. Perfect.

It’s even warm in our apartment. Before today, even if it was on the warmish side elsewhere in Portland it would be chilly here. The cats took to burrowing under the covers. You’d find the bed looked maybe a bit lumpy or you wouldn’t notice anything at all until you dove onto it and little crushed cat meows came out from under the covers.
Hidden Away

Pumpkin in bed

I don’t know why it’s colder in our apartment but my brain has put together the view of snowy Mt. St. Helens out the window and the fact that cool breezes come through that window to mean that the cold is actually coming directly from Mt. St. Helens. Granted, I know it’s a bit far away, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. On the other side of our apartment, Forest Park has some kind of natural and nice smelling air conditioning that wafts into our apartment as well. Today though, for the first time, it’s actually warm enough in here for a siesta. Yes!

In keeping with the too hot to be believed theme, I read Devilish yesterday by Maureen Johnson. Nothing like a little glimpse of hell on a hot summer day. 

Now I must go back to my rigorous lounging schedule.

Have a great rest of your weekend!




Friday Six, Favorite Portland Things (so far), June 20

Posted in Friday Six at 7:51 pm by Bridget Zinn

Forest Park1) Forest Park. I saw it on the map and thought it looked kind of cool before we moved here, but I had no idea how quickly you could feel like you were in the middle of the wilderness when you walked in. We were both blown away the first time. Here’s a pic. I’m not sure if you can get the feel of how amazing it is, but you’ll have to trust me. I grew up in the woods and know of what I speak. :) These are some fine woods.

2) Grocery stores. I love being able to walk and get my groceries for the day every day. And they’re super great stores too. One in particular, City Market, has almost all of the foods I love most in the world in it. It’s like they took a visit inside my head, found my favorite foods, and stocked the store accordingly. Racks of good chocolate, an olive bar with the most vibrant olives I’ve ever seen, fresh local fruit and veggies, a cheese counter with smarty pants staff, it has it all. 

3) Bread. Super crusty bread. Yes! Here’s a sampling:

4) Roses. There are roses everywhere! Outside my window, along all the streets. I’ve never seen so many roses in my life. 

5) Movie theatres. They are really into movie theatres here — fancy new ones, old fashioned ones, casual ones with great snacks, and every other kind you can think of. We’ve only been to one and I think it was digital or something, all I can tell you is that when the hulk was stomping around, I FELT it.

6) The ocean is SO close. We took a trip yesterday that we normally would have saved up for for ages what with the cost of a flight and a place to stay and everything. And yesterday we just went off to the beach on a whim and were home in time for dinner.


Unfortunately, bookstores and the library, two of my favorite things in life, aren’t on the list yet. I have a library card, but nothing has come in for me yet, so I can’t comment. It’s only six blocks from our place though so there is definitely potential. And since I don’t have a job or an income at this point, I’ve been avoiding the bookstore temptation. Let’s hope the library is a fabulous one! Or I get an income soon. Both would be the best!

Have a great weekend!



Friday Six, June 13

Posted in Friday Six at 12:08 am by Bridget Zinn

1) Our first sighting of Mt. Hood as residents of Portland today. We’d seen it before on visits, but it’s different seeing a mountain IN THE SAME PLACE THAT YOU LIVE! It was so exciting that I jumped up and down shouting, “Oh my god, there’s a mountain, I’m looking at a mountain right now!” instead of doing my co-pilot job while Barrett was driving. We missed our turn off. But I saw a mountain!

2) Super sunshiney today — the first day where there was sun all day long. It’s still a bit on the cold side here though. I’ve been wearing wool socks.

3) Another trip to Ikea, this time to get pretty much everything else a person could need to live from a couch to cutting boards. I had these big ideas about going to moving sales and finding deals different places and gradually building up our house, but that idea went out the window. For one thing, I’m not much of a shopper. I just want nice things to magically appear in my house, I don’t want to hunt for them and fight the crowds and have to remember what my other furniture looks like to see if it will go etc. and so on. I just wanted to get it all in one go. Also, I like being able to do important things like eat because we have dishes and lounge because we have a couch. Thank god for the van my dad lent us. It was tetris packed from floor to ceiling. All of this shopping at Ikea makes me think of this book. The couple outfitted their new house in France at Ikea, so really this is good practice for moving to France.

4) Twice now we’ve had lunch at this sushi place with the rotating sushi boat/conveyor belt thing. What a great idea — you get to try twice as many things!

5) One of the books I read on our trip out here earlier this week was Gail Carson Levine’s Ever. It was pretty good — I liked the whole young misfit god thing it had going on. Strangely, it reminded me more of Shannon Hale’s Book of a Thousand Days than Gail Carson Levine’s more famous books like Ella Enchanted. I think it had more of a mythic/fable-y feel to it.

6) My fortune cookie tonight said, “You will enjoy razor-sharp spiritual vision today.” I’m still waiting on this one.

Have a great weekend!



Friday Six, June 6, Last Friday In Madison!!!

Posted in Friday Six at 7:50 am by Bridget Zinn

I’m super excited about moving to Portland, but I’m not so sure that the cats are crazy about the whole moving thing.

1) We’ve been getting rid of all of THEIR things, like the bed and the couch (which we were allowed to occasionally borrow).

2) They had to go to the vet to get a travel exam.

3) We’re selling the house which we bought on Pumpkin’s birthday and he seems to think it’s his.

Pumpkin Hugging His House

4) There aren’t any laps to sit on because we’re constantly packing/cleaning/moving things around (Goodwill things in one spot, garbage and recycling in another, To Pack in another, Not Quite Sure in a couple).

5) The only cozy place to sleep is the clean laundry basket. Harpo Hiding

6) And they don’t even know about the four hour drive to Minneapolis next Monday or the four hour plane ride on Tuesday. Yikes! Poor kitty cats.

Harpo and Pumpkin Moving

Have a great weekend!


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