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El Dia de los Muertos

Posted in Portland at 5:25 am by Bridget Zinn

Hey Barrett here.

I found this lovely picture of Bridge and wanted to share it with all of you. This is how I remember her – loving fall, fresh faced and ready to take on the world. This was taken a few months after we had moved to Portland in 2008.

As many of you know November 2nd was B’s birthday. It also happens to be El Dia de los Muertos. We always use to celebrate both but now it has a whole new meaning for me – wow.

Obviously, the best way to celebrate the day is with cake. I would also recommend making it a decadence day and that you treat yourself or someone you love to a new book. You owe it to yourself and besides Bridget would say, “it’s a fabbity fab fab idea”.

Enjoy the now.

Love to you all,


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