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Here's a shortlist of some of the places I've adventured to. PIctures and stories will be forthcoming, as well as the list of Bridget's Near Death Experiences, Guaranteed to Shock and Amaze.

  • All 50 states in the U.S 49 of which I visited before graduating from H.S. (That pesky Oregon came about a month later -- worth the wait.)
  • All 3 countries in North America, including about a third of the provinces in Canada.
  • Cayman Islands -- scene of at least one near death experience PLUS an encounter with pirates.
  • France and every country touching France (some of these places I went to multiple times, but I did hit them all on one ten day trip. Yikes.)
  • All of Great Britain except Wales
  • Portugal
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Liechtenstein and all of the countries touching it (okay, that really isn't quite as impressive as all of the countries touching France, but still. It's been done.)
  • Czech Republic

To keep up with my new adventure chronicles, please see my blog.

A beach in Portugal Coast of Portugal

Me in Japan Kamakura Daibutsu, Japan
lilly flower